Friday, October 7, 2011

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs - My Unsaid Mentor

Its 6th Oct., 2011, just a day later when Steve Jobs passed away. I don't know how and when but I loved and followed his entrepreneurship and leadership. No matter how aggressive he was, I only know he always did what came first in his mind. He is a true human being of my time. After his departure, people remembering him for iMac, iPhone, iPad. But for me, he is more than that. Since 2005, (when I enrolled in my engineering course) I never missed his product launch. (Thanks to YouTube channel). I always wanted an apple product in my hand but couldn't afford one till date.
Steve Jobs, the man, the leader, the asset to technological. I personally believe because of his inspiration and courage iPhone designer/developer received a Noble Price (I don't remember the year though may be its 2006 or 2007) for Physics. Being a drop-out from technical course, he never felt technical field is out of his way. He built his career in technical by opting jobs at Atari Video Game (in early 80's, which was the world known famous video game developers then). And this is the place where he met his co-workers and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak. And here in 1975-76, he came up with a vision of personal computer, which, I believe, decided the foundation of Microsoft by Bill Gates.
As an inventor, Steve Jobs never looked back. In his entire life, I don't know how many times he fall apart and bounced back to glory (in both personal and professional life). And every time he bounced back, he made sure that it is big. I can see a hungriness of inventions and aggressiveness in believe his vision. Apple Inc. moved the world ahead of its time. No has ever imagined the possibility of personal computing will lead to such extent. Today we carry trillions and trillions of gigabytes of information on one CLICK in our mobile based browser. Whenever I stuck in preparing my studies, I do google. And this is because I know how to use a computer, a personal computer, which was given by THE STEVE JOBS.
Since I learned that he passed away, I am feeling uneasiness. He was , is and will be a really HERO of my life. I want to be like him, not in how he build a company and changed everyones lives, but in the way he believe.
His words during a speech in 'Standford University Commencement Day 2005' (you can find the video on which states "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" and "If you live each day as if it was your lastsomeday you'll most certainly be right" made a great impression on me and made me more focused of my visions. 
Just wants to Thank him for what he left and his stories which I am definitely going to tell my Grandchildren some day. 

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