Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Life Goes On And On And On..!!!!

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Life is full of ups and downs, though there are more of downs than ups but still you have to live with it. And what's the point in living a life with regrets instead of facing everything happily. My grandparents always used to say "everything happens for a reason" and yet they are absolutely correct. I remember watching one of the Steve Jobs lecture in Standford Univ (For Video click here) on, he said you can connect points while looking backwards and yet he was so damn true about this. Now when I look back in my life, it is full of good and bad things. Because of these bad things or events, good things happened to me. Clearing GATE twice, getting motivated for PhD was one of these events. 
Today I am pursuing Master in Communication (Microwave), still I am preparing for GATE '14 (again). It is a last chance to complete my dream in studying IITs. Many time in life, things go in favor or against it, but you have to accept whatever comes across it with a big smile in heart. Many of the GATE aspirants appear for GATE because they have no-other page to unturn. No jobs, low grades in engineering, hope to get selected in PSU's, self-ego, etc. But success rate is very less in GATE, may be because not many of them manage to keep themselves motivated till last. Some may quit (ignore GATE preparation) within a month of start, some may last for couple of months. But for those aspirants, who have do or die situation, gets through it. 
Hope many of you will try to keep yourselves motivated till last and secure a great score. All the best.