Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grrr..!! Now this is too much..

Right now, my blood pressure can break the mercury tube in the BP measuring apparatus. :X I am completely angry. 
When I decided to start making little projects on regular basis just to keep my electronics practical concept clear, I looked towards the AVR development kit from VEGAROBOKITS, Mumbai. Then I realized I dont have necessary software for programming. So I found them from my CD/DVD collection (let me tell you that was an too tiring to look a electronic software DVD from a collection of movies CD/DVD). Thats OK. I found all the software and manuals to read and everything. And also I got the DB9 pin to connect the KIT with computer. All were going good then suddenly I realized that I will need a power supply (I wasn't worried about it because I had a 9 V DC source) but when I looked out in the manuals, I was stunned. The KIT needs 12 V source. (And next thing was the dumbest thing for me to think) So I called my one of the friend and told him to get a 0-12 V transformer and even got it next day. But "AVR development kit" is a dc circuit and if I simply use a adapter (which are available in local market) that will work perfectly fine. :P So I got everything going and just need to final connections and then BOOOM. My multimeter is not working. No display on switching it ON. I opened it up and took out the battery and then fuse. FUSE was blown. I knew from my teachers in college that multimeter needs specific fuse and battery otherwise it may harm the circuit. So I checked for the specification for the fuse and unfortunately I found it. Specification for FUSE are 250mA, 250V :(. Now where will I find the fuse in local market. I hope FUSE used inside TV are the same which I need. 
Seems like it wil take a week or so to download the first program in the kit. :( This is disheartening.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Connection with RS-232 and DB-9/DB-25

Awesome article on the Tech Info of Connections and pinouts with detail explained functioning of RS-232 communicator with computer.

So go and check by yourself, here is the link for complete reference: click here

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stuck with problem : How to connect RS-232 to Laptop serial port connector (I guess, DB-15)

Now a days, I am moving in with my studies and taking all supportive majors to make it work. Today was a bit good but not so great day. Not much study, not more than 1 hour but bought my electronic kit box from store room in my room.
While studying Control System Engineering today, I thought why not re-freshen programing skills on microcontroler.  I opened it and decided to use ATMEGA 8535 on AVR Development Board from VEGAKITS, Mumbai. As soon as I opened it, I am stuck. I used to program it earlier from my desktop, which had a DB-9 connector on the CPU, but on laptop, we dont have any DB-9 connector. So first of all, before deciding of any project, I need to sort out the problem which states that how can I connect RS-232 i/o pins to Laptop serial port complex connector (i think that connector is known as DB-15, not confirm though)

Then there is one more thing I am little conscious and worried about. I think I forgot all the basics of Interrupt and delays which are essential for programming a microcontroller. :( I am just not able to recall anything about it. Still all I can think of for recalling is forum. But seems like in last 2 years this forum is moved too much fast and there are only PRO designers. Meanwhile I found CodeVision complier along with its manual. So for now I have my GATE subjects to read and this manual plus ATMEGA 8535 datasheet to read and understand.
Then I think, I will need to refer microcontrollers basic books for interrupts and timers.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It was Friday, 14th Oct, 2011, when I lost my phone. My most loving phone Samsung Galaxy ACE. Somebody stolen it from my pocket in my crapy hometown. And to add some flavor to my  bad luck, I din't had any mobile tracker or something installed in it. :( It was my dream phone. I liked it very much. I even upgraded its themes and visuals using 'Go EX Manager' (available in android market). Everything which I wanted on my study-table was there on my phone's wallpaper.
I lived in Mumbai for 5 years, nothing ever got anything stolen from me. This is the first time, I lost something, that was loving to me and more over it was worth rupees 16k. The gone is GONE. Nobody can help it. It was destined.
Right now, I am completely in disturbed mental state. Don't know what happening to me, sometimes I keep planning to buy Galaxy S2, sometimes I am thinking to re-buy Galaxy ACE, sometimes I surf for any other phones available in market, sometimes I switch my idea. I don't know what to do and how to do. there are many good phone like Galaxy NOTE are awaited to come in market this X'mas. Tablet PC is also overflowing in market and after the launch of Indian tablet 'Aakash' there is more certainty that tablet market will drop down to 12-16 k budget.
I even have my GATE preparation which is not upto the mark and I many other reasons to worry about.
Right now I am in completely confused frame set of my mind. And in such condition, I usually something which even I can never think off.
For now I am thinking to stop using cellular phone for few months. And after my GATE exam, I will buy a brand new iPhone. And this is the most likely think I can do right now. Anyways I dont know what I am writing and where I am going to lead, but its for sure because of the loss of the phone I am completely shakened-up once again. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shaken Up and re-Oriented for Good

This blog might be with wierd title but this what I am write about today. 
The post-death of Steve Jobs, I am completely shaken up. Every article on internet, every news channel, every tweet on my twitter wall, every post on my facebook wall was talking something about him. Even I started reading his unauthorized Biography and getting to more him more personally. Early when he was alive, I only used to look at him as CEO of Apple Inc but today I look at him as a visionary or a human being which not only tried but also change the world for betterment and gave a brand new definition to Entrepreneurship. 
Yesterday when I look for some article to read on The Times of India official website for current affairs, I found this article "Satisfied with life, couple ends life in Goa - The Times of India" . The un-ordinary title caught me and I ended up reading this article (I usually only read article on Tech section and not others). And finally reached a mental state which forced me to think about life, dreams, goal and ambitions. Steve Jobs always loved his passion and the couple thought that they have found everything and not expect anything else from life so decided to end up. Steve Jobs lived life from a decade or so thinking everyday was his last day and this couple got satisfied and ended up. Steve Jobs find everything by dieing everyday and this couple found everything before they die. 
This situation lead me think that what the most important thing in 21st century to live for, (i) is it money? (ii) is it the relationship? (iii) is it the technology?, (iv) is it someone else's desire?. I still don't know but I know one thing for sure that no matter what in 21st century the world is becoming more and more virtual. People (including myself) everywhere on the globe getting things for show-off or as a status symbol. This is what people making money and working so hard. From last 6 years I am following Steve Jobs and thought he is one of us. I acted like that only. He brought one of the apartment in a locality (don't remember the place) where all Page 3 (hollywood/singers) used to stay but later found that he never moved in that house. He lived in a very old building but later he demolished it. I mean what I thought was never done by Steve Jobs. 
I was kept thinking whole day and getting more and more depressed and stress out by evening. (As I wrote in last post I kept Steve Jobs potrait on my mobile's wallpaper) I was starring at that portrait in mid-night I don't know what happened, but I just decided few things for myself (may be for to become like him as a person).

  1. Right now I am preparing for my entrance examination and own a Coaching Centre, which definately leading me somewhere else. I decided to concentrate on these two things for an year and after that I take admission for my post-graduation somewhere in India 
  2. I have a facebook account (ofcourse everyone does). But question arises is what do I do with that account? Try to become a well socialized human? Ofcourse not, I just waste my time as well as internet space, good for nothing. So I decided not to login again on facebook no matter what happens. (But definately not going to deactivate my account)
  3. We all have friends. I think having friends is a symbol of being social animal. I agree friends do help in your life. But my life is different. Things I do, things I plan, things I am about to do in future, everything around me doesn't require types of friends I have. (To be honest, I don't have friends who help me in anyway). So I decided to drop my mobile phone. From today I am only using my mobile phone for Coaching centre propose or for browsing internet (not social networking sites)
  4. Money - least bothered, relationship - not completely ready for now, technology - I am following it (to some extent), someone's else desires - At least I am free from it for now.
I think I got the most of the answers which I was looking for. And every answer (for me at least) leads to only one thing, isolate from the world till you get what you want and then world will come looking for you once you got what you are destined for.
Look at Einstein's, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam's, Narendra Modi's life and many more who I think merged themselves into their dreams and came out as a perfect human being. For now its time to hibernate from the world. But I will be writing my blogs about my thinking and my life. Sometimes it could be lame for you, but for me, it matters and thats all I care about.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Rest in Peace Steve Jobs - My Unsaid Mentor

Its 6th Oct., 2011, just a day later when Steve Jobs passed away. I don't know how and when but I loved and followed his entrepreneurship and leadership. No matter how aggressive he was, I only know he always did what came first in his mind. He is a true human being of my time. After his departure, people remembering him for iMac, iPhone, iPad. But for me, he is more than that. Since 2005, (when I enrolled in my engineering course) I never missed his product launch. (Thanks to YouTube channel). I always wanted an apple product in my hand but couldn't afford one till date.
Steve Jobs, the man, the leader, the asset to technological. I personally believe because of his inspiration and courage iPhone designer/developer received a Noble Price (I don't remember the year though may be its 2006 or 2007) for Physics. Being a drop-out from technical course, he never felt technical field is out of his way. He built his career in technical by opting jobs at Atari Video Game (in early 80's, which was the world known famous video game developers then). And this is the place where he met his co-workers and co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak. And here in 1975-76, he came up with a vision of personal computer, which, I believe, decided the foundation of Microsoft by Bill Gates.
As an inventor, Steve Jobs never looked back. In his entire life, I don't know how many times he fall apart and bounced back to glory (in both personal and professional life). And every time he bounced back, he made sure that it is big. I can see a hungriness of inventions and aggressiveness in believe his vision. Apple Inc. moved the world ahead of its time. No has ever imagined the possibility of personal computing will lead to such extent. Today we carry trillions and trillions of gigabytes of information on one CLICK in our mobile based browser. Whenever I stuck in preparing my studies, I do google. And this is because I know how to use a computer, a personal computer, which was given by THE STEVE JOBS.
Since I learned that he passed away, I am feeling uneasiness. He was , is and will be a really HERO of my life. I want to be like him, not in how he build a company and changed everyones lives, but in the way he believe.
His words during a speech in 'Standford University Commencement Day 2005' (you can find the video on which states "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish" and "If you live each day as if it was your lastsomeday you'll most certainly be right" made a great impression on me and made me more focused of my visions. 
Just wants to Thank him for what he left and his stories which I am definitely going to tell my Grandchildren some day.