Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grrr..!! Now this is too much..

Right now, my blood pressure can break the mercury tube in the BP measuring apparatus. :X I am completely angry. 
When I decided to start making little projects on regular basis just to keep my electronics practical concept clear, I looked towards the AVR development kit from VEGAROBOKITS, Mumbai. Then I realized I dont have necessary software for programming. So I found them from my CD/DVD collection (let me tell you that was an too tiring to look a electronic software DVD from a collection of movies CD/DVD). Thats OK. I found all the software and manuals to read and everything. And also I got the DB9 pin to connect the KIT with computer. All were going good then suddenly I realized that I will need a power supply (I wasn't worried about it because I had a 9 V DC source) but when I looked out in the manuals, I was stunned. The KIT needs 12 V source. (And next thing was the dumbest thing for me to think) So I called my one of the friend and told him to get a 0-12 V transformer and even got it next day. But "AVR development kit" is a dc circuit and if I simply use a adapter (which are available in local market) that will work perfectly fine. :P So I got everything going and just need to final connections and then BOOOM. My multimeter is not working. No display on switching it ON. I opened it up and took out the battery and then fuse. FUSE was blown. I knew from my teachers in college that multimeter needs specific fuse and battery otherwise it may harm the circuit. So I checked for the specification for the fuse and unfortunately I found it. Specification for FUSE are 250mA, 250V :(. Now where will I find the fuse in local market. I hope FUSE used inside TV are the same which I need. 
Seems like it wil take a week or so to download the first program in the kit. :( This is disheartening.

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