Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A comment to my favorite blog ''

I got a mail at 3:40 AM early morning. It was from, the blog which I like the much of my blog-lists. This time Zahid sir wrote under the title 'I Don’t Want To Study Further And I Don’t Have A Job'. After reading this blog, I felt something in the bottom of my heart. I felt some sort of happiness, which I can't describe in words. After gong through the blog, I couldn't resist myself to write my story in comment. So here I am, posting my comment below:
"@Zahid Sir
This article reminds me my life before 2 years. I was more or like same. Coz of health issues, I got 59.62% in my final and aggr dropped down to 57%. I always wanted to teach but not to UGs but in some research lab or research institute. I wanted to go to research, this dream I saw always through out my life. But screwing up badly in academics, I got myself and my dreams into trouble. From my 10th grade, I was very much clear what I wanted to do. I had found of robotics(a field which has core engineering from modeling to software + hardware syncing). Subject in engg related to this were always my fav. So after grad I decided to give GATE and then started studying honestly 10-14 hrs per day for 7 months and to my fortune, I got Hepatitis B just 2 days prior to exam. I think I was fortunate to get that disease. (Everything happens for good, kind of) Then I came back to my hometown (with population less than 50k), along with rest (for 1 and 1/2 yr) I started a coaching classes to guide 12th students for their entrance in engg. And then life changed. I got to know the real life politics, how senior lobby dominates new comers, how newbies react to them and what it takes to be a good HUMAN BEING. In this years, I learnt how to utilize your life so that people remember you forever when you die. Now I am back on dream and started preparing for GATE. coz of classes I am hardly able to give 4-5 hr per day for my studies, but at the end I am happy with what I am doing. I am pretty sure, I will definately fetch a good research oriented college for myself. And your blog and posts are always inspire and it always ignite the fire. Once a week I do talk in my lectures about your blog. And even my 12th grade students gets something from it. You are doing something others, which means you are good HUMAN BEING. Thank you sir for your work and keep inspiring the aspirants. I am always available for you if you need any kind of support. Love you sir" Click here for original page

Yes this long comment I wrote up there,  though not sure Zahid sir will approve it or not during moderation of comment.


  1. Yes Ankit sir, Zahid Sir truely inspires many... And now you too following his path. I wish you good Luck for the upcoming GATE exam, I am also appearing in the same.. so lets pray for Each other, i have heard that prayers made for other than oneself are always accepted, so lets use this trick i'll pray for you and you please pray for me, In this way God will grant both of us success in this exam. :)

  2. @Lorin Ahmed,
    Buddy, don't call me Sir. I will pray for you and you also pray for yourself. More prayers will give you more benefits. I am happy with my hard work and dedication :)

  3. ankit chheda you are doing a wonderful work by inspiring and helping people out.god bless you


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