Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just one day to go..!!

This is the first blog after the GATE exam and I am sure many of you checked numerous number of answer keys available by different number of coaching classes in India. This year I have observed one amazing fact (specially about EC), just after the paper, coaching classes walas were on spree to upload an answer keys but none of them have solved 100% questions and even few of them were incorrect.
So you can imagine who tough the paper was. Thats why I stopped speculating my score on those false answer keys and decided to wait for the official keys which were suppose to release on 1st March on IIT websites.
Here, we are just one day to go and on 1st March, 2012 you will be able to see your answer sheet (which you bubbled on exam day i.e. 12th Feb, 2012 and computer generated response to it). It is an indirect way to get the official answer keys from IITs.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rough Guess (Incomplete though)

We tried hard to get the GUESS structure on time, but we couldn't make it happen. GATE syllabus is real tricky. And sources were not so useful as nobody knows where paper gets set. There are members from all IITs or mostly leading and active IITs who come together and set the paper. This was the general prediction we came at the end.

Apologies for not preparing this article in time. and it is still incomplete. 

RLC circuit (chances on resonance)
Determination of resultant resistance or its application
100% sure about a question on TWO PORT NETWORKs (mostly hybrid)
2nd order frequency analysis on RLC parallel circuit

Electronic Devices
An example of diode circuit. (chance for dynamic resistance of diode are more)
BJT doping cases
IC fabrication steps (no details but basic)
FET biasing or relation question

Control System :
Nyquist / Bode (any one for sure)
Indirect problem on Routh Array 
Transfer function (not expected though)
2nd order respone (100% sure)

Communication (only half syllabus is covered)
S/N ratio (there was confusion on this one)
AM (2 question : 1 theory and 1 numerical are accepted)
1 theory 2M question are expected on Shift Keying concept

Signal and System 
(almost everything is important in this subject)
Laplace transform (100% since this topic is in Mathematics and Control System also)
Fourier series determination or vice versa (basic concept 1 M)
LTI analysis of signal system (not sure)

Thats it..!!
We only able to make this much. Nothing is rectified or analysed detailed due to lack of time. We must have started this a month back. One week is not enough. Sorry for this hope. 
Hope for  the best. But as per the one of our source, one must qualify if he /she cover this much syllabus in detail ('detail' means 'along with basic')

All the Best Guys.. 
Sorry once again for the delay but we were helpless.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Upcoming Posts

Since the exam is just 5 days ahead and honestly speaking, I am kind of bore studying what I already know and avoiding the topics which I don't know. Mean while I was previous practicing papers and tests and model papers.

For the matter of fun, I have been working on the guess papers. So on friday, along with one of my co-ordinate, we will post a guess paper (ofcourse it will not have any questions) which contains only topic on which question can be asked. It is a step to analysis how one can crack the huge syllabus and an attempt to read the mind of the question paper setter.

Stay tuned in with this blog and kindly follow the blog by entering you email in box given below or join the google follower list of the blog.
Do comments on any blog so that I may get something to reply on comments. Last week is the most boring days which are completely filled with inquisitive.
Happy Learning and All the best

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Getting New Look for Blog

Soon After GATE, I will be launching my personal website but will not stop writing about the GATE aspirants. So I was looking for unique kind of template which I found from Urangkurai. The part I liked the most was under 'About GATE' section, you can see latest 15 blog title menu which will help me to keep my versatile. Anyways thats it for today. Need to complete Signal System from Knodia though half is almost done.
Keep studying hard

Happy Learning
Kindly your opinion/queries through COMMENTS for improvement

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Few numbers from last 2 years GATE examination. Must Look

Number of Candidates appearing for GATE since 2005 and ratio of QUALIFYING candidates

Branch wise ratio of candidates appearing and Qualifying

Detailed analysis of GATE 2011 all branches

[Source : click here]