Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Upcoming Posts

Since the exam is just 5 days ahead and honestly speaking, I am kind of bore studying what I already know and avoiding the topics which I don't know. Mean while I was previous practicing papers and tests and model papers.

For the matter of fun, I have been working on the guess papers. So on friday, along with one of my co-ordinate, we will post a guess paper (ofcourse it will not have any questions) which contains only topic on which question can be asked. It is a step to analysis how one can crack the huge syllabus and an attempt to read the mind of the question paper setter.

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Do comments on any blog so that I may get something to reply on comments. Last week is the most boring days which are completely filled with inquisitive.
Happy Learning and All the best


  1. Dear Ankit,
    Try to keep what you commit.

  2. We are waiting for guess paper. Snarayana1417@gmail.com

  3. @Indra & @Snarayana1417

    Apologies for the delay but we couldn't prepare it completely. The incomplete post is posted and thats it all I can do. :( Feeling bad, for the delay. If I posted this on Friday, many may have get benefited a little. Lets hope for the best. And thanks for the following.



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