Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rough Guess (Incomplete though)

We tried hard to get the GUESS structure on time, but we couldn't make it happen. GATE syllabus is real tricky. And sources were not so useful as nobody knows where paper gets set. There are members from all IITs or mostly leading and active IITs who come together and set the paper. This was the general prediction we came at the end.

Apologies for not preparing this article in time. and it is still incomplete. 

RLC circuit (chances on resonance)
Determination of resultant resistance or its application
100% sure about a question on TWO PORT NETWORKs (mostly hybrid)
2nd order frequency analysis on RLC parallel circuit

Electronic Devices
An example of diode circuit. (chance for dynamic resistance of diode are more)
BJT doping cases
IC fabrication steps (no details but basic)
FET biasing or relation question

Control System :
Nyquist / Bode (any one for sure)
Indirect problem on Routh Array 
Transfer function (not expected though)
2nd order respone (100% sure)

Communication (only half syllabus is covered)
S/N ratio (there was confusion on this one)
AM (2 question : 1 theory and 1 numerical are accepted)
1 theory 2M question are expected on Shift Keying concept

Signal and System 
(almost everything is important in this subject)
Laplace transform (100% since this topic is in Mathematics and Control System also)
Fourier series determination or vice versa (basic concept 1 M)
LTI analysis of signal system (not sure)

Thats it..!!
We only able to make this much. Nothing is rectified or analysed detailed due to lack of time. We must have started this a month back. One week is not enough. Sorry for this hope. 
Hope for  the best. But as per the one of our source, one must qualify if he /she cover this much syllabus in detail ('detail' means 'along with basic')

All the Best Guys.. 
Sorry once again for the delay but we were helpless.


  1. anyhow paper was tough dude......hw much u r expecting....i may get around 44-50...but i m very sad...that there was less [may be 2] thoery u knw rank estimation fr my marks...i want to do mtech at any cost , as last time i got 1800 air...i want u too guide on colleges in touch...bye

  2. @Abhi
    I screwed up. I didn't took risk to mark guess and all were right. :(
    I am only getting 23.67

    check out for your real score and rank estimator (depending on previous year GATE EC)

  3. Hi Ankit,
    Thanks for ur nice blog.

    The link u provided

    predicts our AIR based on last year's GATE ECE scores. And last year's paper was easy and this year's very tough. So any other rank estimator do u know?
    I'm getting around 30 in ECE


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