Tuesday, October 18, 2011


It was Friday, 14th Oct, 2011, when I lost my phone. My most loving phone Samsung Galaxy ACE. Somebody stolen it from my pocket in my crapy hometown. And to add some flavor to my  bad luck, I din't had any mobile tracker or something installed in it. :( It was my dream phone. I liked it very much. I even upgraded its themes and visuals using 'Go EX Manager' (available in android market). Everything which I wanted on my study-table was there on my phone's wallpaper.
I lived in Mumbai for 5 years, nothing ever got anything stolen from me. This is the first time, I lost something, that was loving to me and more over it was worth rupees 16k. The gone is GONE. Nobody can help it. It was destined.
Right now, I am completely in disturbed mental state. Don't know what happening to me, sometimes I keep planning to buy Galaxy S2, sometimes I am thinking to re-buy Galaxy ACE, sometimes I surf for any other phones available in market, sometimes I switch my idea. I don't know what to do and how to do. there are many good phone like Galaxy NOTE are awaited to come in market this X'mas. Tablet PC is also overflowing in market and after the launch of Indian tablet 'Aakash' there is more certainty that tablet market will drop down to 12-16 k budget.
I even have my GATE preparation which is not upto the mark and I many other reasons to worry about.
Right now I am in completely confused frame set of my mind. And in such condition, I usually something which even I can never think off.
For now I am thinking to stop using cellular phone for few months. And after my GATE exam, I will buy a brand new iPhone. And this is the most likely think I can do right now. Anyways I dont know what I am writing and where I am going to lead, but its for sure because of the loss of the phone I am completely shakened-up once again. 

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