Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stuck with problem : How to connect RS-232 to Laptop serial port connector (I guess, DB-15)

Now a days, I am moving in with my studies and taking all supportive majors to make it work. Today was a bit good but not so great day. Not much study, not more than 1 hour but bought my electronic kit box from store room in my room.
While studying Control System Engineering today, I thought why not re-freshen programing skills on microcontroler.  I opened it and decided to use ATMEGA 8535 on AVR Development Board from VEGAKITS, Mumbai. As soon as I opened it, I am stuck. I used to program it earlier from my desktop, which had a DB-9 connector on the CPU, but on laptop, we dont have any DB-9 connector. So first of all, before deciding of any project, I need to sort out the problem which states that how can I connect RS-232 i/o pins to Laptop serial port complex connector (i think that connector is known as DB-15, not confirm though)

Then there is one more thing I am little conscious and worried about. I think I forgot all the basics of Interrupt and delays which are essential for programming a microcontroller. :( I am just not able to recall anything about it. Still all I can think of for recalling is forum. But seems like in last 2 years this forum is moved too much fast and there are only PRO designers. Meanwhile I found CodeVision complier along with its manual. So for now I have my GATE subjects to read and this manual plus ATMEGA 8535 datasheet to read and understand.
Then I think, I will need to refer microcontrollers basic books for interrupts and timers.

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