Friday, December 2, 2011

Things to do '/To learn technical concepts' for GATE

As I am a voracious reader and read almost all reference books from most of the subjects for my GATE preparation. And now I should feel happy, but this is not the case. When I read books, I know the concept, but its volatile. When I try to recall few of them, I just go blank. And I am trying to find the reason for it. When I read the books, I just kept reading. Some times even 2-3 times. But the small and conceptual things which are given in reference books are not come handy. Sometimes there are volatile (In my case, of them are volatile).
Now I wish, if I could have done practice as well from the problems given at the back of each chapter, I would be able to remember some of the concepts. As of now, while practicing numericals and problems from Electrical Networks, I have to open up the book to look for the shortcuts if they are there. Its bit time consuming. For all the juniors how will start preparing for GATE later this year, try to practice the concepts from the reference book problems itself. They will help you all the way till last.
In my case, now I have to give some more hard work and more effort, but its ok, at least I have ample of time in hand and going good so far. :) I will cover it. Electrical Networks is almost done. Few topics are remaining. And I am going to skip Network graphs. I will just have a look and thats it. This topic is going in my brain nerves and bugging me up. I feel damn sleepy after studying that particular topic.
In the coming posts, GATE papers analysis for Electrical Networks.


  1. What about other subjects? have you done with all the subjects?

  2. I am almost done all except EM and half of COMM> I wil be covering these during my Test Series

  3. hey..hi Ankit..
    I got your link 4m I n I.
    actually i m in 6th sem electronics mumbai university
    i want to prepare for GATE 2013 ECE
    please suggest me study material for that..
    is coaching classes are necessary?
    which coaching institute do you suggest me (in mumbai (dadar/thane etc))?
    my email id is :
    with best regards..
    best of luck 4 GATE '12..
    do reply..

  4. hi.......
    please suggest me good study material...... for gate preparation
    and also the reference books......
    my email id is:
    do reply....


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