Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is it difficult to keep moving with GATE preparation?

Last 50 days to do and if you are still struggling with the preparation procedure, then do you think, it is a big reason to worry. Ofcourse not.! First of all, to all the aspirants, who want to qualify in GATE, you must know what GATE is all about. 
GATE question paper mainly contains around 80 marks of basic question which can be solved using "conceptual + some formula". If you still start reading and doing some practicing, you will definately going to get some huge amount of benefits. All you need is to keep yourself motivated, inspired and force yourself to move and study for 6-7 hours per day or even more. 
If you just want to qualify in GATE then don't run behind all subjects. Select 4 subjects + maths and study them, practice them. For ECE, I will suggest to take the following subjects :
1) Mathematics (after all 15 marks depends on it) 
2) Networks (one of the basic subject and can help in many other)
3) Signals and Systems (Laplace and Fourier contains ready made formula list, all you have to do is mug-up)
4) Control System (System stability has prime importance, And for that you should know Routh Array, Bode and Nyquist. These topics are not tough at all but initially will consume some time to get in flow, and one more small topic "Steady state error")
5) Electromagnetic / Other - (Electromagnetic's syllabus is very short, and many question upto 7 marks can be seen from this topic. If you have patience then do prepare this subject. Many of us finds this subject very difficult, but its worth reading for 5 - 7 marks)
And remember General Apptitude is still a plus for all, coz of us have already prepared for PLACEMENTS.

You can even analyse your branch (except ECE) subjects and select 4 subjects & a Maths.
Now, for me, do one exercise, open up any GATE previous paper and try to calculate how many marks you could get if you study this way (with minimum 70% accuracy, mean if you getting 63.3 marks then multiply by 0.7 factor to get rough accuracy limit). Still its not bad isn't it, if you just want to qualify the GATE.
Do not confuse yourselves with GATE game, just do some study and keep moving, keep your mind relax from external factors, avoid FACEBOOK, ORKUT, TWITTER for 50 days (and its worth if you clear GATE) Just surf internet about GATE and thats it. 
Look guys, its our mind who is going to play a vital role in GATE preparation and examination, so its our duty to not disturbe it. Be COOL, Be ReLaX and study. If you want to can watch a movie of 2 hours daily and even take 2 hours noon nap daily still you will have 6-7 hours in hand (for those who preparing for GATE through home or coaching classes). THINK OVER IT. All THe BeS


  1. @Ankit,

    One thing I add to your approach is that besides seriously preparing above 5 subjects one should brush up all other topics. You must be knowing that there are about 25% questions which requires only little preparations and knowledge of few fundamental principles of topic which an engineer of a particular branch expected to gather. For example GATE-2010(ECE) (Q 52 & 53.)
    I found your articles very helpful. Last year I scored AIR-267 (Marks-65.67). But being in Job I could not attend M Tech interview. So this year I hope to get within 100, which is quite achievable for me. Last year, to my dismay, I spent 30 mins in one questions still could not solve it. That was the detrimental factor for my accuracy as I had to virtually run through 1 marks questions and Almost leaving GA section!!!

    I would definitely follow (both your and Nikhil's way of answering)



  2. @Chandrakanta
    I am grateful that people like yourself are their to motivate all the aspirants by sharing their experience. By the way, I want to put highlight on thing. Blog and articles like these are for those who needs motivation and aspiration time to time. If this is the case then we should show them a way out. The point which you put of basic topics is absolutely right. And if you observe closely, 20-25% marks are distributed straightly to the topics which are mentioned on the syllabus sheet for GATE. And it will be better if we inform all aspirants to study basic topics in last 10 days so that they may score a bit better. :)


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