Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to handle pressure of preparation during last two months for GATE

I have seen in many forums and orkut community that many aspirants asks about preparation steps, ebook (to be precise 'reference books'), etc. Now since we have left with less than 2 months for GATE 2012, very few are on the track (obvio that is the reason, they will get 1000 less AIR). But many how struggling and finding difficult to manage time due to their jobs, college (final year project), girlfriends (:P), television, less focus, etc etc, this article is specially for them. 
GATE is a competitive exam and you must have read many time on internet or heard from your seniors, that questions asked in GATE are basic but conceptually tricky and that's the reason they suggest to follow reference books. But particular for ECE / EE, there are 9 subjects in all and its next to impossible to read all 9 reference books thoroughly and remember most of it. Yeah! One can complete reading all 9 reference book within the period of one month but whats the use if he can't remember. 
As per my individual opinion, if you haven't studied till date and still want to crack the GATE (i.e. to score decent marks) and you was average or above students during your academic years or you have less time to study because of your tight schedule then stop thinking about reference books. All you need is concepts and there are notes available in market which are good at providing concepts to the aspirants in simplified ways. Once you know the concept, you need to practice it. Practice is just to keep the particular concept in your mind for a long time and to prevent ourselves falling in the tricks of the paper setters. Since almost 8 weeks are remaining, start giving 1 week per subject. Plan your time and work accordingly. If possible practice as much as you can. 
Since, you have cleared your academics years and now appearing for GATE, you will not be that bad in your technical concepts and application. Just use it. GATE syllabus is based on the topics which we have learnt and cleared during academic years. All you need is more confidence and give sincerely 4-5 hours per day practice or studying. 
There are so many good (not so good, just good enough to qualify the GATE). If you are from Mumbai or nearby, I will strongly suggest you to get Vidyalankar GATE Notes. You can Google 'Vidyalankar, dadar'. They are bit cheap and you can have them in just 7,000/- apprx. I am personally using these notes and pretty happy about them. If you are from Delhi or North, you can get GATEFORUM  material. The only problem with GATEFORUM material is that they haven't explained many concepts, but they do have ready-made formula list on each and every topic of GATE syllabus. Even you can look out for IES Made Easy material. I have no idea about the material. If you belong from Hyderabad or Bangluru or nearby, I have heard a lot about ACE Academy, have a look at their material. If you are professional in technical field (i.e. doing some technical job) or final year student, then I strongly recommended you to with BRILLIANT TUTORIAL NOTES (from Chennai), BRILLIANT TUTORIAL do have postal service but they are bit costly, you can have them around 17,000/- apprx. Or else you can google about the notes and there are ample number of fellow students who provides xeroxed material of BRILLIANT NOTES at around 5,000/- apprx. 
Last few week in hand, and is the only chance to chase your dreams, your ambition by qualifying GATE. So stop wasting time and start studying. If you give almost 5 hours per day, you will definately be able to qualify the GATE and can go to some good reputed college. 
Feel free comment or mail your doubts and queries. As per they say, Knowledge grows when shared. I will try my best to help you in your doubts. 


  1. Thanxs....ankit..thus information is relly useful for all the gate aspirants...even i referred ies material for gate last year..and even cleared it....its really nice ....

  2. @Nupur Shah,
    :) Thanx to prove my observation. What you doing now after clearing GATE?


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