Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'd been writing for the GATE aspirants and then stopped it last December. I don't know what got me and why I stopped but I did and that the fact which I dont want to avoid. Anyways, I am back on blogging again, and this is the sixth time for the matter of fact. :P But this time, I promised myself to stay up blogging for a long time (though promises are meant to be broken :p)
Some of my fellas told me start writing again. Many of the followers don't know about my other secret blog where I used to write general things, still no worries. I will be writing anything and everything on this blog itself.
Topics will vary from GATE preparations, to examinations (mine and yours ofcourse), my life events and joys and sorrows and many many many more topics.
Hope you guys spread the word and help me to create our own little family out here in cyberspace. Love you All