Saturday, August 6, 2011

DAY 13 : Done with CONTINUOUS TIME SIGNALS and Corresponding SYSTEMS

Finally almost after 13 days I got my lost rhythm. Now-a-days studying regularly and getting enough time for myself, my work and studies. Everything is managing good and all is going well.

Like last year with confidence to get into IIT, I started my studies but because of miss management with work and health coundn't even appear for GATE 2011. :( Last I was not organised with time and like a unstable system I got delayed or advanced output with grew infinitesimally over the next month. Thats why I took care of my schedule first this year and got at least 6 spare hours in my hand so that I can use at least 3 of them for preparation. (This is what I call practical thinking. Though I allot 6 hours daily and schedule myself accordingly but it common sense that initially due to gap or scope of GATE we need extra time to adjust So always consider half of the time you allot for scheduling).

So right now I have covering two books for preparation (and I am preparing like I have never anything in this subject before) viz. 'Linear Signals and Systems" by B. P. Lathi (amazing writer) & 'D S P' by Ashok Ambardhar (Good shortcuts giving in this book)

Amd after completing the subject I am gonna use Kanodia and G K Publication for practice (though I mean solving all the exercise problems in B P Lathi, just like a school boy, but its helping in understanding a concept.

Since I have enough time in hand till 12th Feb (i.e. exam date) I will study 5 subjects in detail, going to skip one and remaining 3 wihtout practise. I need only 65 marks to get into top 700 AIR, then why to take load. (About the subject, more I will post in my next blogs (whenever I get time)

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