Saturday, June 30, 2012

Back again with LIFE still its messy

Hello followers and friends, 
After GATE 2012, I got engaged in my coaching institute and then admissions. Let me tell you admission without any centralized procedure is like "YYEEWW". One will never get judgement of what he can get and all. 
After getting GATE SCORE 482 , AIR 5378 (out of 1,76,944 aspirants) and %tile 96.96, I decided to follow my dream instead of going into the well renowned MODERN courses in big-shot colleges. So then I started looking for the courses which will deal with core subjects which were proved to be the base of advance scientific progresses. After giving lot of thoughts and thinking and consulting to many profs, teachers, friends and industrial big shots, I had chosen to stick with my favorite branch for specialization i.e. communication engineering. While looking for the course on local level, (it is not like I am not getting national level college on this good score, I never wanted to move out of Maharashtra state, of-course if i was getting an IIT then scenario would have been different ;-) ) and found this one particular course of Electronics and Telecommunication : Microwave Engineering. Microwave is core / mother branch of communication engineering. But as they say, No-one gets free meal in the end, same thing happened here also. This Microwave engineering is happen to be in "Pune Institute of Computer Technology (PICT), Dhankawadi, Pune". This is one of the well known (unaided/private) college in University of Pune. Since it is an unaided college, I've to pay fees of big amount compare with government colleges. And more over they don't give guarantee for GATE stipend (Stipend paid by MHRD to every GATE qualified candidate if he takes admission in AICTE approved college). Anyways, I took admission here in PICT but was confuse because of the fees they are charging. :( I don't want to take support from my parents or family. I wanted to do masters on my own.
Also I was targeting Electrical Engineering : Control System Engineering courses from "College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)" and "Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute, Mumbai (VJTI)". My priority was PICT (Microwave) then COEP (Control) and lastly VJTI (Control) but due to money matter, PICT (Microwave) seems to be shifted in bottom on the list and that where I get tensed and couldn't decide what should I select. Everyone is suggesting to go for PICT (Microwave) as it was my first choice, money will get managed somehow but if I wont get stipend or any work load in the college, how am I going to afford that is the thing I would like to see in near future. 
Anyways for now, I am sticking to PICT (Microwave) and will attend VJTI rounds on 2nd July, 2012. Lets hope for the best.