Wednesday, November 30, 2011

GATE 2012 ECE Test Series

I am taking classes for 12th grade students and helping them to prepare for engineering UG entrance, hence I know the importance of practise and most importantly I know the value of checking it (practice) out. I always try to keep them busy with tests almost 1 - 2 everyday. And fire them when they perform poor.And so far so good, they are responding it well and almost covering everything which I couldn't even cover myself if I was in 12th now.
Thus, I decided to take a lesson from my special batch and design something which do same thing for me and my GATE preparation. Firstly, all I wanted is tests which I had from last 2 years with me and couldn't get ample time to solve, so why not use these papers now.
I had 2 sets of subject-wise tests and 15 full length papers. And I think thats enough (but remember these papers are not designed by me and due to copyright thing, I will not mention from where I took them. I am not selling this paper to make my personal profit and I myself paid for the papers 2 years back, so I think I am not doing anything wrong morally)
Now it was time to plan the schedule, I had test materials and need to look out the problems while preparing for GATE (ECE) and also had to keep in mind about the practice. My favorite blogger from Inspire & Ignite recently posted a series of video of interview with Nikhil who secured AIR 4 from ECE branch and now pursuing his dreams in IISc, Banglore. (Click here for video interview). So back to topic, in that video Nikhil has mentioned some sort of Study Group in his college which was active and he was constant touch with the GATE syllabus and practice. So taking lesson from him, I decided to design test series which had papers/test on regular interval (giving same amount of time for all subject whether subject is easy or hard) and I used to sleep in noon and GATE paper is in noon time for ECE offline it is from 2pm to 5pm. Hence, I targeted this time as the best time to solve the papers.
From last few months, whenever I had time and desperately wanted it to waste, I used to surf on google with keywords GATE, ECE, 2012, etc etc. And came across my forums, articles, communities in orkut and also came across my favorite blog Inspire & Ignite. :) Ok, so I observed onething common in most of them. Those who qualified GATE previous or recently always said to look the previous years GATE paper. I always used to wander why previous years paper hold so much importance because every year IIT who conduct and prepare GATE paper changed. I still wander about the same but as many or its better to say most of the qualifiers mentioned it, I have to practice them, afterall its about my future and my dreams. So I tried to cover as much paper as possible in the schedule and during extra time, I can always look at the papers. I kept this previous year papers in morning time, because these papers were designed by IITs and hold the exact structure of question which we may face on 12th Feb, 2012 in our GATE paper. We need our mind in alert state to remember the question even after the paper so that during revision we can be able to enhance the part for ourselves. So I suggest to follow the TEST Series along with the time as everything in the time table has single or many reasons to be there at that particular position.

Here is the schedule for the test :-
CLICK HERE for pdf

A comment to my favorite blog ''

I got a mail at 3:40 AM early morning. It was from, the blog which I like the much of my blog-lists. This time Zahid sir wrote under the title 'I Don’t Want To Study Further And I Don’t Have A Job'. After reading this blog, I felt something in the bottom of my heart. I felt some sort of happiness, which I can't describe in words. After gong through the blog, I couldn't resist myself to write my story in comment. So here I am, posting my comment below:
"@Zahid Sir
This article reminds me my life before 2 years. I was more or like same. Coz of health issues, I got 59.62% in my final and aggr dropped down to 57%. I always wanted to teach but not to UGs but in some research lab or research institute. I wanted to go to research, this dream I saw always through out my life. But screwing up badly in academics, I got myself and my dreams into trouble. From my 10th grade, I was very much clear what I wanted to do. I had found of robotics(a field which has core engineering from modeling to software + hardware syncing). Subject in engg related to this were always my fav. So after grad I decided to give GATE and then started studying honestly 10-14 hrs per day for 7 months and to my fortune, I got Hepatitis B just 2 days prior to exam. I think I was fortunate to get that disease. (Everything happens for good, kind of) Then I came back to my hometown (with population less than 50k), along with rest (for 1 and 1/2 yr) I started a coaching classes to guide 12th students for their entrance in engg. And then life changed. I got to know the real life politics, how senior lobby dominates new comers, how newbies react to them and what it takes to be a good HUMAN BEING. In this years, I learnt how to utilize your life so that people remember you forever when you die. Now I am back on dream and started preparing for GATE. coz of classes I am hardly able to give 4-5 hr per day for my studies, but at the end I am happy with what I am doing. I am pretty sure, I will definately fetch a good research oriented college for myself. And your blog and posts are always inspire and it always ignite the fire. Once a week I do talk in my lectures about your blog. And even my 12th grade students gets something from it. You are doing something others, which means you are good HUMAN BEING. Thank you sir for your work and keep inspiring the aspirants. I am always available for you if you need any kind of support. Love you sir" Click here for original page

Yes this long comment I wrote up there,  though not sure Zahid sir will approve it or not during moderation of comment.