Tuesday, January 31, 2012


(This posts and details for basically for EC and EE only but can be useful with sensible modification)
Total 9 subjects out of which how many have you prepared. As per rough guess, every subject will hold around 5-6 marks on average. That means 2-3 question. As per rough analysis, every subject has 5-6 main topic and concepts revolve around this topics. So from the above statics, our GATE paper may hold upto 50% of the question from the syllabus
When I was just started thinking about GATE, my seniors, teachers and colleagues always used to say only basic and conceptual questions are asked in GATE paper. And I am 100% agree with them after looking at the previous years paper. But one thing we should be aware of. Engineering or GATE syllabus is basic only. So my suggestion towards smart movement will be study/revise all possible topics, practice them well and make of habit of looking at previous years paper to get the great insight of the structure.
This year IIT Delhi is organizing, ofcourse everyone knows it. What you guys think, organizing means only setting up the paper? Ofcourse not..!! from declaring dates, then distributing forms, maintaining all candidates well fair and allotting them centres, management of exam centres and what not.. So in last 2 weeks if you think IIT Delhi is doing great research in communication sector so communication will hold maximum of marks, then it will be utter non-sense. 
Coz logically, communication have mods-demods circuit. And working of these circuits comes under the syllabus of Analog Circuits. Equipments required for the circuits are from Electric Devices, stability of the operation of these mods-demods are from Control system, study and effects of Noise and other frequency spectrum on the data signal can be studied under Signal and System and designing mods-demods will need configuration of resistors, capacitors and inductors i.e. Networks. So yes, now I can say IIT Delhi will only set paper on Communication and related syllabus. Hahaha. It means all subject. This is an example of communication. You can even think of any subject and you will find other subjects are inter-related with it (Do this analysis after GATE exam). So don't act smart and stop looking for shortcuts.
By the way recently I got the secret for SUCCESS. It is a simple phrase. HARD WORK. Many of us just avoid working hard by saying we had taken a SMART way. But now after all the SMART WORK done, there is no alternative to HARD WORK. So last 11 days to go. Make day and night as whole, and study hard. Cover as much syllabus you can cover, practice as much as you can, and finally your GATE score will be improved some what on 15th March.
Happy Learning

Last 12 days to go and tension builds up.

Last 11 days to go and everyone must be studying hard. You must be revising the topics or solving paper. And thats the only thing you should do now in last two weeks.

Even if you falling short in number of subjects to  cover and getting tensed, then let me tell you that, its not a problem to worry about. Just concentrate on what you know and you had learnt  and instead of learning new things in last few days, try to master the topic you know.
I personally concentrating on the practise more than revising. Knodia and Vidyalankar notes I am solving for practise and simultaneously reading from Brilliant tutorials Notes coz they have good conceptual aspects. So all I am trying to put a point that in last 12 days, assign last 7 days to solve papers only and in the remaining time, practice as much as you can.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Apologies for no posts from long time.

Since GATE 2012 is on over-head, I was bit busy with it. But now, in last two weeks, I am coming up with inspirational series of posts which will help you moving. Kindly keep following the blog and your comments means a lot to me and my team.

And one of our associates is busy making IMPORTANT guess for GATE 2012 ECE which will be available on 10th feb, 2012 as per the commitment for revision. He is designing this for me but I thought why not other also get benefit from it.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Preparation when last one month is in hand

Sorry, for being offline from sometime, as I was busy with the coaching classes and stuff. My students exam are approaching so have to concentrate on them a little bit. Now all set with them. It seems to be they are prepared and their test series on full syllabus had been started. So its time when I think about myself.
As of on 5th Jan, 2012, we have only 38 days in hand and I feel its the time to think about revision instead of preparation. We must keep in mind that GATE is all about BASIC questions, so it becomes important to stick to basic and which need lots and lots of revision.
From today I will writing on how to revise all subject along with practice in 30 days. Its my observation that in last 30 days, many of us needs constant boosting up/motivation to keep studying otherwise we feel sleepy.
As per one of friend analysis, there are around 60 topics from all 9 technical subjects of GATE for ECE. So its important to take 2 topics (chapters) and 30 days we are done. Ofcourse, when we are dividing huge syllabus of GATE in just 6o topics, the load will be enough to keep you studying for hours and now in last month at least we need to study for 8-9 hours per day to fetch considerably good score.
So lets start with the series of 30 articles for next 30 days.