Thursday, January 5, 2012

Preparation when last one month is in hand

Sorry, for being offline from sometime, as I was busy with the coaching classes and stuff. My students exam are approaching so have to concentrate on them a little bit. Now all set with them. It seems to be they are prepared and their test series on full syllabus had been started. So its time when I think about myself.
As of on 5th Jan, 2012, we have only 38 days in hand and I feel its the time to think about revision instead of preparation. We must keep in mind that GATE is all about BASIC questions, so it becomes important to stick to basic and which need lots and lots of revision.
From today I will writing on how to revise all subject along with practice in 30 days. Its my observation that in last 30 days, many of us needs constant boosting up/motivation to keep studying otherwise we feel sleepy.
As per one of friend analysis, there are around 60 topics from all 9 technical subjects of GATE for ECE. So its important to take 2 topics (chapters) and 30 days we are done. Ofcourse, when we are dividing huge syllabus of GATE in just 6o topics, the load will be enough to keep you studying for hours and now in last month at least we need to study for 8-9 hours per day to fetch considerably good score.
So lets start with the series of 30 articles for next 30 days.


  1. you are right Ankit. As the exam coming closer we all feel sleepy and confused. WE all really appreciate your efforts.Keep us boosted.Thanks in advance.

  2. will u please list those 60 impportant topics

  3. Revision is the most important part of the GATE preparation. As Syllabus is huge, one has to revise 2 to 3 times before Exam. Here personal notes come in handy. Books can't help you at this juncture. For now Books are only reference purpose.

    As per my experience in GATE.

    I would like to list out important topics to be followed before exams.

    1. Network Theory: Network Theorems, Y-Delta conversion, Transients, steady state analysis, two port networks.

    2. Signal and system: Properties of systems, Properties of LTI System, convolutions,FS, LT, FT, ZT, DFT

    3. Electronic Devices: Semiconductor basics,fermilevel, PN- junction, contact potential, Electric field distributions, junction capacitances, drift and diffusion, LED, Photo diode, photo voltaic cell, BJT Operations, FET, MOSFET, their different region of operations. MOS capacitor.

    to be continued....

    C K Mishra

    1. @Chandrakanta
      if possible, please also give your email id.

  4. @Chandrakanta,
    Hey Bro,I have prepared all the notes from all the subjects and revising the important formulas and concepts.But whenever I am trying to solve question papers, I can answer only 45-50 marks. What to do man? Only 30 days are in hand. Should I need more practice? I am practicing problems from kanodia. but could not answer more than 45-50 marks in Gateforums test series. Please suggest as you already gave GATE previous year and have got 267 rank so you must have gone thru all these situations.

  5. Important topics:

    4. Analog Electronics: AC and DC models of Diodes, clippers and clamper, voltage multiplier, rectifiers, I/O characteristics of Transistor, biasing, small signal operation , high freq operations, effect of by-pass, coupling and inter electrode capacitance, power amplifiers, current mirrors, diff-amplifiers, OP -Amps and their applications.

    5. Digital Electronics: 1's and 2's complements, combinational ckt, flip flops, counters and registers, schimmit trigger, multivibrators, 555 timers. ADC and DAC

    6. EM theory: boundary conditions, Maxwell's equations, plane wave propagation , reflections,standing waves, T/L, open and shorted lines, stubs matching, transient in T/L, smith chart, wave guides, cut-off freq, dominant modes,

  6. @Chandrakanta
    Sorry for late response. Was busy with exam ofcourse and thanks for precious comments


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