Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Last 12 days to go and tension builds up.

Last 11 days to go and everyone must be studying hard. You must be revising the topics or solving paper. And thats the only thing you should do now in last two weeks.

Even if you falling short in number of subjects to  cover and getting tensed, then let me tell you that, its not a problem to worry about. Just concentrate on what you know and you had learnt  and instead of learning new things in last few days, try to master the topic you know.
I personally concentrating on the practise more than revising. Knodia and Vidyalankar notes I am solving for practise and simultaneously reading from Brilliant tutorials Notes coz they have good conceptual aspects. So all I am trying to put a point that in last 12 days, assign last 7 days to solve papers only and in the remaining time, practice as much as you can.


  1. tanx a lot..

    can u please say me: which sub u prefer as iit delhi is giving paper

  2. @Deepu
    Read the post I have just uploaded next to this.


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