Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Experience of Programming in MATLAB

Its been a long time I had stayed away with real programing, but as they say history repeats itself, as a part of curriculum in my college, we have to write MATLAB programs. This time we were suppose to find the 'Satellite Angles' viz. Elevation angle and Azimuth Angle. Mainly the algorithm is mathematical but last step which is to determine the position of SS-point (sub-satellite point) with respect to ES (Earth Station) is out of my conceptual reach.
It will definitely need a great insight study to determine SS-point w.r.t. ES and write a code on it. But still I am loving the benefits of MATLAB as a programming tool. It has everything, I literally mean everything required for an engineer to solve a particular problem using Numerical Technique or Trigonometric relations or even Calculus. Also today while studying about the codes and samples on MATLAB, I came to know that like in C/C++/Java, in MATLAB also we can define 'function'. And I just love this part of the coding, its like write a few codes under certain function and use it again and again till you determine the final output.
Anyways now I will keep posting about the proceedings with this particular program and also LIFE @ PICT. 
After getting admission in PICT for ME in Microwave engineering, I become a strong believer of a quote "ALL GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES".

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