Saturday, July 9, 2011


Finally back on blogging after a long time. My original blog (on which I wasn't regular either) htttp:// was not opening only or taking decades to open. So finally I decided to move on (i.e. BlogSpot).
I am trying to forward all the traffic from wordpress blog to this page but that dumb site is not opening only. Why don't these site owner understand that people everywhere in World dont have high speed internet? Anyways for now that's it.. Its better to write short and sweet blogs instead of writing long and boring blogs. ;)
By the way write now I am searching THE MARK ZUCKERBERG (designer of FACEBOOK) web page. But couldn't get his blog. I wil keep searching though..


  1. yhe bandha itna vella hai ki he has lot of time to waste.....but ppl u dont waste ur time by follwing him n commenting him or his status

  2. Hey bro, time waste nai re.. Will gonna put all the step by step details of my new project.. ;)


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